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Reasons to Get French Drain

A French Drain can be immensely beneficial for you. This is especially true if you are the owner of a home where there is a wet basement or a yard full of moisture. There are numerous reasons for which the installation of this drain becomes necessary. For example, a French Drain can be very much useful if you are deciding to build a supporting wall along a part of your home/property. That is because this drain will remove any excess water on the surface. Here are the main reasons for which you should have a French Drain installed at your property:

1.     Surface Water:

A shallow French Drain can help in dealing with the issue of surface water on your property quite effectively. A French drain reaches upward horizontally, in a slope if you will, on the property that it is installed on. The water collects in this drain and then reroute to the wet area on a property. The French Drain needs to be a few feet wide and deep to function properly.

2.     Water in the Basement:

You can easily remove water from the basement by installing a deeper French Drain. People also call this drain a footing drain and stretches along the perimeter of a house. It thereby gathers water before it can get into the basement.

3.     Retaining Wall:

A French Drain is necessary if you want to build a supporting wall on a hill. You need to place the French drain at the back of the first stones or blocks that you lay. The water will accrue behind the wall after moving downhill and damage its supporting function. You can circumvent this if you place a French Drain at the proper place and at the proper time. You must also position the French Drain on a concrete or gravel foundation as well.

4.     French Drains are Worth Every Penny:

French Drains are expensive and add in a bit more cost for installation. It is also costly if you are going to install it after a home has been built. Your expenditures will also hike up if you install one that drains water from your basement. But still, despite its lofty price tag, these Drains are still worth every cent they cost. These drains complete the task of keeping your house safe from excess surface water quite effectively. A French Drain is vital if you want your property’s integrity and strength to remain unaffected even after years.

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