Roofing Services

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Roof Repairs and Replacements are a necessary undertaking, because like it or not every roof has an expiration date. You will benefit making this investment in the long-term, as you will safeguard your home whilst elevating its value. The benefits are obvious if a longstanding roof eventually malfunctions. This could allow water to destroy home interiors, penetrating the attic insulation, dripping down into expensive and cherished rooms.

Generally, leaks and failures are a result of localized damage. Over time, minor problems and wear and tear in the roof membrane occurs, crack formation and deterioration of walls may occur. We at Bella Construction and Structural Inc. can help with any maintenance issues by offering you a dedicated, efficient and professional crew, at terms and conditions that meet the allocated budget.

Roofing Services

We provide comprehensive, holistic up-front estimates. Moreover, there is a guaranteed quality assurance of all the materials used and labor hired. Our enthusiastic team handles everything whilst following a punctual and morally just work ethic.

Our services include with:

  • Roof Installation and Repairs
  • Full roof construction or replacement, including design
  • Drain and Curb Installation: To alleviate any undesirable drainage conditions, we can replace existing damaged ones and also install new drains.
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Leak Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning and Maintenance: Roofs should be regularly inspected and carefully maintained and our experienced crews are ready to take this responsibility.
  • Joint Sealing: Open Joints or cracks in concrete surfaces and parapet walls allows unwanted water to sneak in; we can effectively deal with these invasions.


Roofing Materials

When it comes to which roofing materials to pick from, we are here to guide you. This decision depends on your taste, locality and roof pitch i.e. angle, some of the options include:

Asphalt composite shingles

These are easily available and inexpensive, and the most popular roofing material in the US. If your main concern is cost these may be a good option.

Metal Roofing

Normally constructed out of aluminum or steel or aluminum these are very durable and fireproof. They can be cost-effective due to their long life cycle. These are available as raised-seam panels and other items that imitate the appearance of composite shingles.

Wood shakes or shingles

These very attractive and will add to the look of the property. They are not recommended in areas of heavy humidity or fires, also any type of wood roofing will last at most 20 years before needing to be replaced. If you main concern is the look and you don’t live in an area with fire hazard, then these may be your choice.

Slate Shingles

This is a highly attractive premium option. By far the longer lasting option but also the most expensive.

Clay Tiles

Made of reddish clay, these are very good, very esthetic, long lasting roofing materials, also very good for hot climates.

Synthetic Slate

These are synthetic shingles composed of recycled materials. They are aesthetic but less expensive than actual slate.

Professional Long Lasting Roofs

Our professional roofing jobs are the best way to guarantee quality long lasting roofs that your family can enjoy for the years to come. Here are some of the actions we perform:

We will remove any of the pre-existing shingles, and then deposit them into a roll-off dumpster. Old or damaged drip edging and valley flashing is removed too. We will use to protect foundation shrubs and plantings during the tear-off phase. Magnetic tools are used to get littered metal objects. It is common to install multiple layers of roofing, but the addition of too many layers of asphalt shingles may be detrimental. It can result in the premature failure of the roof.

We then evaluate the sheathing. Roof sheathing is composed of flat panels for structural support. This is also a base on top of which roofing materials are attached.

For colder regions, we can install ice dam protection. An ice guard membrane may be used. This is a synthetic, waterproof obstruction material that has been manufactured to avert melting ice from backing up below the shingles. It can even penetrate the sheathing, allowing moisture to slip through and cause irreparable damage.

We will put asphalt paper for roofing on top of the roof sheathing. This creates a layered barricade against penetrating moisture. Rows of roofing paper are overlapped and are either stapled or tacked.

We will apply a metal drip edging on the edge of the roof, both the eave and gable sides.

If it is required we can apply new valley flashing where two of the roof planes meet. This is usually nailed to the roofing deck and then sealed with materials like roofing caulk.

We will apply the tab shingles. This is initiated at the eaves until the peak.

Flashing is applied everywhere leaks might occur.

Ridge vents are installed to support air circulation in attic spaces. This is essential for preventing winter ice dam formation and in exhausting hot air.

We conduct the final cleanup, inspect the installation inspected and let you approve it.

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