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Driveways and Paving Services

A Paved driveway or landscape is a versatile property addition that offers you a wide variety of design options. Moreover, it will grant you the ability to make a dramatic difference in the landscaping aspect of your home whilst enhancing the property value significantly. A well-constructed paved area should be resilient amid any weather conditions. It should be relatively low-maintenance in the long-run. Regardless, dirt trails involve regrading after some time.

Bella Construction and Structural Inc. is a holistic and dedicated organization in that we leave no rock unturned. We will stake out the dimensions of your property, after which we can determine everything from the scraping of the soil to a proper slope, compacting dirt and consequently finishing the grading.  Our motto is putting making life easier for you, so we will coordinate your designated plans with our one-stop-shop business model.


Why Paving Driveways and Walkways

Paved driveways and walkways when installed professionally, from contractors like us, can outlast both poured concrete and asphalt driveways. With pavers, clients have the flexibility to consider a wide range of texture, color, size and shape options. They are:

Highly Durable

Driveways and walkways are exposed to a lot of heavy use as the weight of the vehicle. Paver driveways can withstand a lot without being damaged.


All driveways can fall victim to stains from oil leaks, spills, or even rubber burns. We use a high-quality paver-sealer to ensure no stains form or are easily washable.

Aesthetic Appealing

They are available in a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors to work well with your structure.

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