Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Services

Foundations over time may need to be repaired, just like any other part of the house, damage may come about due to human disruption, geological, physical forces or weather.

The most usual cause of damage is water or moisture. Changes in moisture levels cause components within the soil to either shrink or swell, this leads to movement below and around foundation.

In addition foundations, especially of older houses, are built of materials that may decade over time. Impaired foundations that aren’t repaired can lead to further damage or even safety risks, for this very reason we recommend minimally inspecting the foundation if there is any doubt.

Foundation Inspection

We always begin with a thorough inspection not only of the foundation but of the surrounding area as well as the interior of the building. This allows us to determine exactly what the problem is and work out a repair tailored to the actual problem.

The key is knowing before any of the work is started, at times a repair may not even be needed. If you have any doubt or if you’ve had a quote from a different contractor that you are not sure of, have us inspect your foundation.

Signs that a foundation may be in need of repair

There are visible signs that your foundation may need repair. As the soonest a foundation problem is detected and remedied the less it will cost we recommend to get a professional opinion of the problem as soon as any of these signs are present:

  • Cracks on walls
  • Floor Cracks
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Wet soil around the foundation
  • Exposure to tree roots (trees close to the house)
  • Displaced Moldings
  • Unaligned walls
  • Uneven floors
  • A Leaky Basement
  • Uneven door frames
  • Between tiles gout cracking
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Bowing floors
  • Visible foundation damage


Repairing the Foundation

A compete or partial foundation replacement can be costly but in many cases it is not needed, we differ from other foundation repair companies in that based on our inspection we only perform repairs that are needed, this often saves home owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars. These are some of the type of repairs that may be needed:

Remedial Concrete Repair

Concrete patching, repairing or replacing, in sections where the area cracked, settled, shifted or deteriorated in the perimeter foundation walls.

Removing Debris and Obstacles

Removing debris that may hinder our work or efficiency while working on your, we naturally remove all debris resulting from our work.

Post or Pier Repair

Fixing/replacing any type of post or pier problems (including deteriorated, shifted or wrong sized posts)

Improving Draininage

Bad drainage can damage a foundation. Correcting drainage, away from the house helps increase the life of your foundation.

Leveling Floors

Leveling floors when shifts have resulted in uneven floors. This is done only in the areas where it is needed.

Adding Support

Increasing support in key structural areas. Ensuring the foundation support is above current standards and will last.

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