The final product is really beautiful and I would definitely hire Patrick again for a future remodel!

The choice Company for Remodeling your Home

Whether you’ve just purchased a house that needs upgrades, or if you simply want to update your existing house  you will be embarking upon a remodeling project.

Regardless of the magnitude of your home improvement task, we are here to provide you with every option available. We will work with you to plan, design, get permits and build your project while keeping you full informed and consulting with you on available pricing strategies.

Part of our mission statement is to increase trust, reliability, transparency and ethical practices in the construction industry.

We make remodeling fun

With our remodeling techniques, we offer our clients the ability to change up the use of any space they desire. We can help you transform the style and structure of a room or building and completely change it. We will be there through every step of the way, offering you innovative concepts to visualize, making your plans become reality. Whether your goal is space-saving, practicality or beauty, we’ve got the experts to assist you.

Many of our clients want to breathe new life into their homes and hence start DIY projects like adding or removing wall structures, gutting, expanding square footage or raising ceilings. We can aid your venture once you’ve crossed over into the challenging remodeling territory. The original purpose of remodeling is not limited to drastically modify, rather, it is inclusive of updating to meet a new standard. With our remodeling expertise, we can ensure that your desired zone becomes extraordinarily attractive, whilst adding significant aesthetic and monetary value to the residence.

Bella Construction and Structural Inc. provide general home remodeling services specializing in the precise details and intricacies of bathroom and kitchen remodeling, room additions, etc. We have carefully honed our craftsmanship to offer you the most satisfactory results in general construction services. We prefer to envision your remodeling home projects like a simple book with a specific storyline alongside it. Our Renovation Specialists and Project Designers will collaborate with you the entire time.

We are definitely a one-stop-shop for holistic construction services, and we will also clean up after ourselves. We treat our clients and their houses as if they were our own. Hence, we dedicate the highest attention to minor details and requests. We guarantee that your home remodeling project is a stress-free experience.

Throughout the construction period, we take every precaution to minimize disturbance within your lifestyle and household. No matter the type of remodel project you can always give us a call and have us take care of the demolition, manual labor and installation.

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