Decks and Patios

The final product is really beautiful and I would definitely hire Patrick again for a future remodel!

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Bella Construction and Structural Inc. is here to make your interior and exterior dreams a reality. We stand atop a foundation of years of industry-leading, proficient designs, and overall construction expertise.

Our Decks and Patio construction services give the utmost attention to details, while using of the most innovative and up-to-date designs and installation techniques. Hence we are renown for the beauty and quality of our Decks.

We additionally offer free, stress-free, estimates as well as competitive prices, efficient project management, and flexible payment plans to ensure your satisfaction.

The Deck you have dreamed of

A deck is primarily an open outdoor platform or porch. It does not have a roof that will extend from the main house. These are constructed out of either wood or a composite wood material like Trex or vinyl. The more commonly used wood material for decking includes cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. Decks can be constructed on different levels and therefore these often need to be reinforced by a railing.

Generally, patios are paved areas that are situated directly on the ground. These can either be attached or detached from the main house. These are often designed and constructed specifically keeping the particular landscape at the forefront. These are a more versatile option. Since these are built either on or around ground level, these will not require the construction of a safety railing. They can be built with pavers, concrete, tile, stone, brick, rock, pea gravel or pebbles.

We want to help homeowners create their dream backyard. We want you to be able to attain a higher standard of living. Patios and decks will help in the extension of functional and living spaces from the home to the backyard. Well-constructed patios and decks should blend well with the aesthetic aura of the building and its owner. Therefore, we aim to give you easy-to-maintain materials with years of satisfying use. We offer:

  • Solid structure
  • Quick construction time
  • Superior drainage
  • Bench installation


Additions to Outdoor Decks and Patios

Add beauty and elegance to your deck or patio

Deck Accessories

Adding screened walls, separators or windows around covered decks allow you to enjoy Mother Nature whilst protecting you from insects and pests. Moreover, remote-controlled gas fireplaces or real wood fireplace add-ons are useful during winters. We can help you extend your functional space with a hardscape patio or an open sun deck.

Covered Decks

A full-finished roof or pergola overhead can provide additional protection from tempestuous weather. These can also offer privacy for you and your family.

Multi-tiered decks

If a site has a downhill slope, we can help you in designing a deck with several tiers that will extend to the yard. You can build a well-designed patio with landscaping and hardscaping options.

Built-in Bars or Benches

Built-in benches are a convenient, space-saving option perfect for entertaining large events of family and friends. A bar-height counter that is integrated into a railing is a utilitarian construction.

Built-in Pool or Spa

A swimming pool, spa, or hot tub is an entertaining household addition to your outdoor living space for both kids and adults.

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