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    Bella Construction and Structural Inc. are exclusively a locally owned, full-service, General Contracting Company.  With our extensive service portfolio, we are able to offer our clients a wide selection of contracting services to choose from. Each of these facilities is customizable to personal preferences and private projects. No matter what, we treat each home as if it were our very own.

    We are able to succeed in beating the competition by employing expertly collected knowledge, years of experience, and countless achievements whilst thriving in the construction industry. Official building permit records reflect that we have successfully worked on and completed 16 permitted projects.

    Out of 336,931 licensed contractors in California, our company ranks in the top 8%. Our construction and structural services are provided in Campbell, San Jose, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Los Altos, Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Berkley, Sunnyvale, Oakland California, and Milpitas. In California, all construction and remodeling project contractors exceeding that $500 budgets, must obtain an active license from the California Contractor State License Board. We proudly acquired the General Building Contractor active license 891853 in accordance with the mandated CSLB.

    Moreover, in California, each and every licensed contractor must maintain a bond. This entails financial backup in cases of defective work performance or any violation of license regulations. Bella Construction offers financial reassurance in the form of a $15,000 bond with Western Surety Company. Every plan and thought is dedicated to helping out in the bigger picture; both the local community and our clients will receive the best service to construct and repair their properties.  Moreover, we are insured by the Workers Comp Provider State Compensation Insurance Fund.


    Our operational model includes a design-build option. This is primarily catering to clients that prefer a one-stop-shop-all-services experience. In doing so we eliminate infinite intermediaries and everything is contracted by one contractor. Essentially this wholesome practice involves a start to finish approach.

    This encompasses all the phases of development; all-inclusive remodeling projects, preliminary walkthroughs, initial design concept and practical demonstrations, detailed budget operation, acquisition of appropriate permits, adherence to rules and regulations, the actual construction project, and at the end, the final walkthrough. The organization and burden of responsibility fall entirely on our shoulders.  Our service collection features projects of all levels of complexity from basic construction to intricate interior renovations.

    Dedication, synergistic teamwork and moral integrity, are a few of the tenants of the Bella Construction philosophy. Even in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we look to try to form a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with our customers. We are able to accomplish this with efficient job performance, seamless management and zero inconveniences for our clients.

    We try our best to establish realistic schedules and streamline costs to accommodate everyone. Our transparent practice means we inform the client with cost analyses, multiple design options, and recommendations, budget preparation and adaptation at each stage.


    Our mission includes extraordinary workmanship, like any project, despite its scale and magnitude, deserves to be treated and executed with the best quality. We wholeheartedly believe in offering our highest integrity. You entrust us with your properties and therefore you will get the care, respect, and service you deserve.

    Our skills have been honed due to the undertaking of all conceivable project types. At the end of the day, construction isn’t merely a job it is an aesthetic craft that we continuously improve and refine.

    With every project, our foundation has strengthened and we have grown, leading to smarter decisions, increased productivity and building efficiency. We maintain our reputation as the leading industry innovator. Most importantly we give precedence to the deterrence of injuries and accidents.

    Our Safety Policy is absolutely intolerant of practices that compromise the safety of our clients, the job site, the surrounding community and our employees through rigorous planning and training.  We always build with keeping the intention of exceeding the expectation of functionality, safety, visually appealing results, quality and deliver end-results that stand the test of time.








    We promise to deliver premium service and excruciating as a financially stable, reliable and competitive company. From conception to completion we offer our clients complete devotion and 100% guaranteed satisfaction with each project.

    We follow the principle that gaining and continuing to healthily maintain company-to-client relationships requires delivering dependable, value-added and exceptional service with open lines of communication. So feel free to contact us whenever you’d like. You can verify our credibility by calling our existing customers to get a reliable idea of our company’s exceptional reputation and services.

    We assure you that you shall come across our unblemished track record of punctual, value-added and cost-effective services. We are available for any inquiries or requests that you may have from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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