Customer Testimonials


We at Bella Construction and Structural Inc. understand that hiring a general contractor requires a leap of faith. Construction and Repairs are no easy tasks, and these overwhelming projects tend to intimidate potential clients. It is logical for you to desire some tangible proof of credibility before hiring a general contracting team and inviting them onto your property to help build your dream structures.

All of our practices are completely transparent and publicly accessible. To provide you with some reassurance of our reliable reputation, we’ve gathered reviews, recommendations, references and feedback from actual users that have made use of our services. Their verified comments outline our professional services and step by step projection completion process to draw you a clearer picture of what to expect when you hire us.

“Bella Construction and Structural Inc. met all our pre-stated conditions. Patrick promptly provided us with a complete projected estimate along with a contract model. Moreover, with all of our queries, he was very patient in answering each one to dispel our doubts. He even included in our contract the material specifications provided by the engineer to ensure that it was a realistically deliverable project. Patrick’s crew was headed by the expert Jesús. They managed to deliver the project at the precise quoted time even in the face of confounding problems. Their pick of construction materials was high-quality (as recommended by the Engineer). If they were ever unsure they always erred on the side of the City standards. They also accommodated the engineer’s onsite inspection satisfactorily. Patrick was very responsive and flexible from conception to completion. This hardworking attitude set distinguishes Bella from competitors.” – D.G.

“We had a wonderful experience with Patrick and Bella Construction for our bathroom remodel! The crew walked me through all the steps and they were easy to contact and communicate with if we had any queries. Patrick was available 24/7 via phone and email. They clearly and in an upfront manner, outlined the procedure, what to expect from them and what they expected from us and the expected costs. In the end, the final product was truly beautiful. We would definitely hire Bella Construction and Structural Inc. again for any future remodel!” – Catherin S.

“From day one, Patrick supervised the crew every step of the way to make sure that the project was completed on schedule.  They dealt with and overcame any challenges. They figured out the appropriate solutions. Bella Construction and Structural Inc. are a professional, dependable, and highly responsive company. Their competitive advantage is their attention to detail.  Patrick bent over backward to secure our complete satisfaction. The team definitely exceeded all of our expectations. If you presented the opportunity to renovate again, we would immediately give them our business.  I highly recommend Bella Construction & Structural Co. for any remodel or renovation project anyone may be planning.” –  Karen L.

“The team was highly professionally and always polite.  They surprisingly remained within their projected timelines and price estimate quotes.  I highly recommend using them for future construction projects.” – Tina N.

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