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How to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

It is a most grievous problem if a house or structure develops problems in the foundation. This is a problem that affects the whole structure and can result in serious damage if left unchecked. There are some steps that owners can take to protect their home’s foundation. These steps can be elaborated as follows:

1.     Inspect Regularly:

Make it a habit to check the foundation of your structure regularly and on a punctual basis. You should check your house’s foundation at least once a year and look for any signs of deterioration or damage. There might be cracks or any other problems that indicate initial stages of deterioration. Once pinpointed, you can start with preemptive repairs so that the condition doesn’t exacerbate.

2.     Cleaning and Maintenance of Gutters:

Remember that the rain gutter and other drainage gutters play a vital role in protecting your foundation. The gutter system is responsible for collecting any excess water that runs down the roof and then redirects it away from your property’s foundation. Your gutter will not be able to perform this duty if they become clogged or dirty. That is why it is necessary that you perform a regular and thorough cleaning of your gutters. This will keep them maintained and your foundations will remain safe as well.

3.     Proper Grade:

You should make certain that your property’s grade slopes away from it. You should make certain of this when your home is being built. If a slope runs towards your home then it would expose the foundations. Water would collect in this area and then cause damage to the foundation. So, make certain that the grade in question is proper and directs away from your home.

4.     Sump Pumps and French Drains:

A French Drain can be used to eliminate moisture from the soil around your house if the latter’s foundation evinces moisture problems. A French drain goes a long way towards maintaining your home’s foundation. In the case that you already have one then keep it maintained with fervor. If you have a sump pump, then take care of maintaining it and check it at least annually for any faults. Get one immediately if you don’t have one already. That is because a Sump Pump is an integral component of your drainage system and keeps your property’s foundation secure.

5.     Soil Moisture:

Another important factor in maintaining your Foundation’s integrity is to maintain the moisture in your property’s surrounding soil. If there is moisture in your property’s soil, it can severely affect our foundations in an adverse manner. That is why you should take all the necessary steps for removing moisture from your proximate soil.

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